Hello, I’m David.

Me Photoshopped on a Renaissance painting (I like Photoshop).

I currently run a content curation newsletter called Gradually Links. It’s pretty much my entire content diet since birth. Just kidding. I started tracking the content I consume on Oct. 2nd, 2020. I try and curate only digital vitamins. I’m too lazy to actually check, but for the sake of my sensitive ego, I may have (probably not) coined the term: digital vitamins. Vitamins, for the most part, are typically pretty good for you. And instead of trying to curate digital vegetables, digital vitamins sound a whole lot sexier.

Gradually’s current tagline is: striving to curate and create the internet’s most valuable content. So, the curation aspect is done via Gradually Links and the creation aspect is what I’m trying to do with Gradually Essays and any potential future content arms.

Do I believe my future essays will be the most valuable on the internet? Probably not. This is why I included “striving” in Gradually’s tagline. I’ve never been considered a “good” writer, but I’d love to become one…gradually! See what I did there? Ha Ha…

Anyways, Gradually Essays is my way of working out my writing muscles. So if you catch any typos, grammatical errors, etc. — apologies! Please feel free to send corrections my way.

With Gradually and any other of my pursuits, I try and have them fall in this bucket of “life long learning,” which I feel is embodied in this phrase perfectly: Read to write, listen to speak & consume to create (I still don’t know where this is from. Please let me know if you do).

Other random interests of mine: Arsenal (and European football in general), Rick and Morty, Roam, Twitter, movies, podcasts, and pretty much any/all tags in the Gradually Links archive

Thanks for making it this far. Bye for now! Connect with me on Twitter :-) if you’d like, though.

See you out there,